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Elevating an observatory

Started by RLSchell, 04/20/2002 04:28PM
Posted 04/20/2002 04:28PM Opening Post
I'd like to get my observatory off the ground. I live in a flat area surrounded by trees (which, unfortunately, cannot be readily removed) and ANY gain in elevation for the telescope would be useful and increase my visibility. I've contemplated building a raised platform or deck on which to mount the observatory. However, every time I think about it, my main concern is eliminating vibrations at the scope. It seems the most common solution is pouring a massive column of concrete to form a pier. I have a number of reasons for not wanting a giant, immoveable, concrete pillar in my backyard. Are there any other good solutions for stabilizing a mount/scope at about 10ft. off the ground?

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Posted 05/15/2002 02:09PM #1
No personal experience here, but I met a guy on the LX90 forum who had his pier on a deck. I questioned him about the vibration (because mine is intolerable) and he said he built it very solidly and there was no problem. Go figure.