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ExploraDome Custom Wheel Ring Conversion for SkyShed Pod

Started by rmklaw, 06/06/2020 09:26PM
Posted 06/06/2020 09:26PM | Edited 06/06/2020 09:38PM Opening Post
I just completed the updated conversion of my SkyShed Pod to ExploraDome using the new custom rotating conversion kit from ExploraDome.  The results are incredible.  The Exploradome turns 270 degrees with a single starting push of (measured) 5.5 pounds.  The rotation is totally smooth and quiet.  Feels like is running on rubber wheels... No noise, no bumps, no hanging up.  Just smooth as if it was running on air suspension.

The conversion kit custom made by ExploraDome consists of an aluminum mounting ring with 95" outside diameter and 87" inside diameter.  The ring has a welded underside "skirt" with inside diameter of 90", and the skirt is 4" long.  This allows the ring to be inserted snug on the Pod walls (with a little help from a rubber mallet), with the ring skirt on the outside of the Pod, holding a perfect roundness of the Pod.  The mounting ring has the horizontal and vertical wheels installed on top and dust/critters brushes attached to the skirt underneath.  The wheel ring just lays on top of the wheels on the mounting ring and stays perfectly centered.

At this point, the dome (with the original plastic wheel channel removed) is just lowered on top of the wheel ring and it self-centers itself.  That is the whole process.  My next step is to install the rotation track which screws on to the wheel ring and get the rotation motor and electronics.

Thanks to Dan and Dustin from ExploraDome for making this Pod conversion solution available.

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Additional pictures follow

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Unfortunately the available Pod's are too small for my needs, even the Pod Max would be pretty tight.....not to mention out of my league $$ wise. Have to stick with the roll off design.....

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