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G11 permanent pier

Started by proteus, 01/06/2007 01:49PM
Posted 01/06/2007 01:49PM Opening Post
Hope pier only topics can go here and not in the mount forum, so excuse me for this if it's in the wrong place.

Permanent pier is for my G11 mount. I found a 12 foot long piece of 3/8” thick walled, 7” O.D. galvanized pipe. Got it at a steel salvage yard for $77. Love steel salvage yards since you only pay by the pound at the current steel salvage price.

12volt power connections are done through (4) pin mini RV camper plugs I purchased at an RV store. Even though they look the same, these plugs are smaller in diameter than the usual camper plugs you find in auto parts stores. I’ll add more if I ever get into imaging. Power comes through the bottom through another RV plug of the same.

Even though you can’t budge this thing, if I need more stability for imaging I’ll sink some cement lug points a couple of feet out for quick connect cables and turnbuckles. Doubt it’s necessary.

I wanted to keep the diameter down since I only do visual. I’ll put a small U-shaped fence around it to block some of the neighbor’s lights. Simple, cheap and easily dug up and salvaged. I didn’t want a shed since I prefer to lock my stuff up in my more secure steel door storage area.

No, it’s not in the ground 12 feet. I sold half the pipe to my co-viewer for his identical pier so our costs were $39 each plus the Losmandy adapter on the top.

I guess when you really think about these piers, they’re really not that big of a deal to build. Everyone should have one in their yard.

I put the solar light on the top and some reflective tape so people wouldn’t drive into it.

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Posted 01/06/2007 01:53PM #1
Close up of the mount adapter without the cap and light on it.

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Posted 01/06/2007 07:47PM #2
Nice Job Joe!

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