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Help Florida Building Code Nightmare!

Started by MikeN202od, 09/25/2002 12:46AM
Posted 09/25/2002 12:46AM Opening Post
HI all,
I was considering putting up either a home dome or one of the new Pre Fab clamshell from Astralnomicon. To my surprise my city told me that the observatory or dome must conform to the Florida building code. Every accessory building must be permitted here. That means that the structure or dome must be able to withstand a 3 second 130MPH gust of wind without damage. THis is NUTS. I don't think such a thing exists! The new code went into effect here in March. My understanding is that the code for MIAMI is 140MPH. I can understand that they would want things to stay together in a hurricane but I think this is ridiculous for an accessory BLDG. Anyone else in Florida have this problem any lawyers out there with advice?
Posted 09/25/2002 01:14AM #1

Building codes in Florida go by county not by the whole State from what I found out when I built my observatory
And I did build a roll off roof that is suppose to withstand more than a 130mph wind for 5 seconds, just because I wanted the re-enforced structure
Where are you located?
I am in Florida and from what you are saying I have not run into, but then again mine was started before March, 2002

Posted 09/27/2002 01:48AM #2
Welcome to reality....My advice to you, speaking as a professional in the construction industry, is to comply with the Code; don't try to dodge around it because your local Building Official will take that kind of personally and will delay your permit for construction and Certificate of Occupancy forever, or if you do get the thing successfully constructed behind his back, will require you to demo it at your expense (complete with civil penalties) if you cannot demonstrate that it meets Code requirements. And in the event that the Building Code Official asks for that documentation, it will be much more difficult than if you had complied with the law in advance of bootlegging the structure. Furthermore, as another poster has pointed out, you will have problems with your insurance company in the event of a loss to your equipment or damage to someone else's property in the event that your non-permitted dome goes visiting adjoining property. Or in the event that somebody cracks their head on some part of the dome structure and decides to take you to court over it. So quit whining and comply with the law, just like the rest of us have to.