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huge stinging insects

Started by mclemens, 07/13/2008 10:15PM
Posted 07/13/2008 10:15PM | Edited 07/14/2008 01:16PM Opening Post
I like to sit in the (otherwise useless) observatory these last few months of sunlight and work in the nice cool temps, or surf astromart etc. I can count on the tar paper above my head all the failed attempts to build nests this Summer.

Of all these attempts only one hornet was able to get a cone going on the ceiling... his bad luck as he was forced to move to a Kenmore vaccuum cleaner, house and all within 1 day. As for failed attempts... easily 200 nests were attempted to be started this year. I geuss there is something about the tar paper they cant deal with. Maybe it's not that they ~can't~ build on it, maybe it's that the asphalt vapors or whatever is just undesirable after it gets warm the next day. (edit: no its probably not real compatible with their attachment mechanism, all the failed nests basically look the same, a single mm wide line of hornet-grout of an almost identical nature)

They make me mental.. I think it was the major stinging event in my youth involing a low bush nest, and then an impromptu creek swim.

They all bother me... it's hornet after hornet but once in a while its the nasty looking multi segmented looking wasp like things I have no idea what they are but I know they are still angry about the creek thing. I am NOT at ONE with them.
Posted 07/14/2008 06:00AM #1
If you're in a 4 season area it helps to put up wasp traps with the earliest sign of warming. Then the females looking for nests get taken out of business and your summer will be a lot better.

If you're one of those poor folks who live where it is always warm and cloudless, well, golly. Never mind.