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Lessons Learned About Ice on the Observatory Roof

Started by Peter Glus, 12/23/2008 07:29PM
Posted 12/23/2008 07:29PM Opening Post
So, of course a few nights ago the sky was beautifully clear and I wanted to head out to the garage observatory. But I could not get the flip roof off because snow/ice had built up on the roof halves. So I stood on a bar stool and pushed with whatever I had, and of course, the stool gave way and I came crashing down. Thank God I didn't land on the scopes! A bit battered, I tried to bang the roof from inside with a piece of wood and I finally was able to break it up enough to force it open. Of course, at this point I was in no mood to observe. Moral of the story is

1. Dont stand on a high stool trying to pry open a frozen roof (should have been obvious, right)
2. Consider heat tracing of some sort if you think the winter time sessions are going to be frequent.