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Mirror Cooldown Data from C11 8/8/07

Started by fugardi, 08/09/2007 02:22PM
Posted 08/09/2007 02:22PM | Edited 08/09/2007 03:17PM Opening Post
I have been trying to solve my thermal tube current problem with my C11 and have attached a thermocouple to the mirror. Last night, I left the thermocouples plugged in 6hours and have learned some interesting lessons:

1) My obs temp gets too hot during the day and the mirror retains this peak heat. I have a solar shed vent on order to help reduce this.

2) The back of the OTA which is mostly metal is the heat sink for trying to cool the mirror. Even with the lymax cooler going, this mass slows the process. I measured this temp early in the night and found it to be approx 1/2 way beween the mirror temp and ambient.

3) My body heat after re-entering my dome stopped the ambient cooling inside! Next time, I plan to roll my cart which holds all of my power boxes and computers outside with myself as well.
4) Having 2 10" box fans mounted in the dome opening blowing in and having the 20" box fan pulling the air out the doorway seems to be the best setup. I was able to achieve 0.7degC delta within 1 hr, where previously my best was 1.0-1.4degC delta with the 20" fan only.

I'll post more data as I get it


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