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My Temple!

Started by padams341, 04/19/2006 05:18PM
Posted 04/19/2006 05:18PM | Edited 04/19/2006 05:50PM Opening Post
Hi all,

After months of delay I finally managed to finish my observatory - and I'm very happy with it! Here in the high desert of Nevada wood does not last long so I sprang for a Tech Pier 7x7 roll-off and electric Pier 2. I am very, very happy with both. The observatory is very well made and went together easily. The pier handles the weight of the 14" LX200 without any problem and has a very smooth operation.

I located the observatory in a sheltered position due to frequent winds; the sky view is still good with the pier extended. The garden wall also helps block some of the light from 'The Strip.'

I eventually intend to remotely operate the scope from the office visible to the right in the photos, we have a few months of shirtsleeve observing nights coming up however, so I am in no rush to complete that task.

We had a brief first light through the scope last night- supercharged by Dr. Clay - mainly viewing Saturn. I am amazed at what this scope can do, the supercharge was worth every cent!

First of three photos

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Paul Adams
Floating around at 20 miles an hour.
Posted 04/19/2006 05:19PM #1
Here is another photo...

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Paul Adams
Floating around at 20 miles an hour.
Posted 04/19/2006 05:27PM #2
Very Nice!
The roof doesn't need support when it's rolled back? 8O
Posted 04/19/2006 06:16PM #3
Excellent work Paul!
Would you mind posting some pics of the roof assembly, and how the tracks support it, since you have no other support for it while open? 8)

Thanks for sharing, and ENJOY IT! 8)

Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
Lat 26N 16' 48" Long 80W 10' 48"
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Posted 04/21/2006 02:24PM #4
Hi Tom

Most of the winds in our area come through a mountian pass just to the north and the house blocks most of those. If it get really bad, 40+ knots, which does happen quite a bit, I would not even think of opening the roof! (Too much dust in the air anyway).

The shed, including the roof, is all metal and very solid, it would have to be some mighty wind to buckle it, plus its bolted to the concrete pad in seven places.

I have to shoot down to California this afternoon and will get the photos everyone asked for either on Sunday or Monday when I return.

My work may mean a relocation to near Tucson (Ryan Airfield) and I'm hoping the skies are darker down there?


Tom Simmons said:

As others have asked, I would also be interested in how the roof works with out support. Also living in the desert, I'm aware of the winds, and wonder if you've seen the winds try to buckle your roof 8O

Tucson, AZ

Paul Adams
Floating around at 20 miles an hour.