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Nice Design for Split Roof

Started by Peter Glus, 01/12/2008 12:16PM
Posted 01/12/2008 12:16PM Opening Post
My neighbor just felled their tree blocking 40 percent of my sky, and IT IS TIME FOR THE HOME OBSERVATORY!

Does anyone have a good designs, photos, or website with resources for a hinged split roof (i.e., A roof w/ two parts that slit to open out)?
Posted 01/14/2008 12:35PM #1

I've just started design work on a hinged, split roof A-frame. It is based on two designs I saw in old Sky & Telescopes.
The first design housed a 6" F-15 refractor. The key to this design is not to split the roof at the apex but to move it down one of the sides. This prevents leakage of rain. The two unequal sections slid apart on rails.
The second design had uneven sections of the walls/roof, I don't remember which or both, open like a clam shell.
My design is a blend of these two ideas and because my scope is a 12" Lightbridge it will be smaller, no bigger than a 4'x8' footprint and around 7 1/2'
high. It will be constructed out of luan plywood for the A-frame's roof, backed up by a 2"x2"s frame. The bottom of each A-frame section will be mounted so it can pivot near the platform at it's outside coners. The sides will be T-111.
I hope this will help a little. Like I said I just started working on the idea today!

Good Luck