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observatory in rafters

Started by fusion, 04/29/2002 06:54AM
Posted 04/29/2002 06:54AM Opening Post
I'm building a new house and thinking about a flip roof observatory in the roof of the garage. I currently have an 8 foot square, flip roof observatory that suites me, my G11 and telescopes fine. My new house will be located in a wooded lot and height will help see over trees. My current pier is a steel pipe set in a concrete floor. Putting a 20 foot steel pipe in the middle of my new garage seems bad. Is there something I could put on the rafters to set my pier on? A steel plate? I plan on building a seperate floor above the rafters for the observatory floor, so hopefully the pier would be isolated from the floor. TIA Bob Van Deusen
Posted 04/29/2002 04:55PM #1
Hi Fusion,
I thought the same thing, everybody thinks vibration would be a problem. I think we should just build a hugh observatory and live in it. Sorry to say my hubby doesnt think so. But there is allways the garage huh!
Half garage half observatory~~ Sonya~~