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Observatory leaks

Started by dv78391, 03/25/2004 03:07PM
Posted 03/25/2004 03:07PM Opening Post
This is getting a little depressing ...

I finished my observatory serveral months ago. It is plywood and masonite dome (painted, no fibreglass or anything). So far, I've used it only a few times because it leaks, and I cant really leave my equipment in it.

I'm hoping someone can make suggestions here. It's a 8x8 square with a 7ft dome. The problem is where the flat part of the roof meets the dome. I have a sheetmetal skirt around the dome, and a little sheetmetal dam on the roof. The leaks are where the wheels are attached to the roof (they roll on a flat surface under the dome). I couldn't really get the sheet metal dam around them good enough. I suspect I will need to remove the dome, and work more on the roof (I hate to even think about that ... its terribly heavy).

If there is anyone with a square building, and a round dome, could you please tell me how you solved this problem? Anyone else have ideas?

Other than the leaks it works pretty well. It rotates pretty easily and stuff.