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Observatory UNDER construction 3rd floor

Started by astroguy, 05/03/2002 06:16PM
Posted 05/03/2002 06:16PM Opening Post
Here are a couple of pics of this work in progress
This is what the structure looks like from the gound
The roof is rolled off only halfway in this picture, and we got rid of the crane and decided to go with a 1/2 horse power motor to operate this 2,600 lbs roof

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Posted 05/03/2002 06:29PM #1
Observatory from the inside
Roof still rolled back half way, The ladder is 6' tall giving you an idea of the height of the pier. Since this structure is 26' in the air and the walls are 7' tall, if you had a pier of only 48" or so you would NEVER be able to look at the horizon. You have to bring the pier up to the wall height ( not to forget the height of the mount). Then I am going to build a sub floor 29" above the concrete floor for the observer and guests ( like I might let anyone up here LOL) to view comfortably. The "observation deck" will be 10' x 10' with the 10" steel pier in the middle. The pier has already been filled with sand, 400lbs worth. In additoin the stairs going to this floor had to be sealed off with an outside door with a ceiling on it so that when the roof is rolled back hot air or bugs will not enter the second floor. ( Being in Fl not much cold air here)

Hope you enjoy the photos

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