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Observatory/Pier Project

Started by Kevin, 07/21/2006 05:26PM
Posted 07/21/2006 05:26PM Opening Post
I have recently completed the first and main stage in an observatory project. I thought I would document it in case anybody is considering this. I had been hemming about it for years and it was actually not that big a deal so wish I did it long before now.

Tube- 24". Had to special order it, and I raised a few eyebrows at the building store. Cut it in half as it was only available in 12' section.

The last shows the completed pier. Not sure if I will enclose it or not as I have a "warming" room 10' away in form of a sunroom. Will look at some small roll away enclosure I think, but am concerned with moisture.


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Posted 07/21/2006 05:28PM #1
Good and bad news on the dig. Ran into an irrigation line so had to move it a bit but no rocks and no power which saved the day. Unlike some of the jackhammer stories I read recently.

48" depth

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Posted 07/21/2006 06:58PM #2
Kevin, That is a serious pier. Not many people go that deep. What size scope are you going to mount? Great move calling in the concrete truck. I hand mixed 35bags making my 42" deep pier and my back stung for days. Good luck with your project and thanks for posting your progress.

Posted 07/21/2006 08:12PM #3