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Pier for in the roof observatory

Started by gwenladha, 02/19/2007 02:40PM
Posted 02/19/2007 02:40PM Opening Post
I am having an observatory(home dome or prodome 0 builtinto the roof of a 2 story house. Dies any one have any ideas on pier support in the ceiling of the secondfloor room ( floor of observatory.) The height is too great for a metal pipe in concrete.) I have a 10inch Meade SCT and hope to do some astrophotography as well as direct viewing. Gwen
Posted 02/19/2007 05:49PM #1
I think you will have to extend your pier(metal or concrete)into the ground. Otherwise you will see a great deal of vibration at the camera.

Good Luck with your project! 8) 8)
Posted 02/19/2007 06:22PM | Edited 02/20/2007 04:09AM #2

I will second what Andy has just posted. Without me turning this into a long winded post let me just say "been there...done that".

You would need to construct a completely isolated steel or concrete frame to dampen the vibes transmitted from people walking in your home while you are observing.

I have since moved my observatory to the back yard.

I am only assuming that you have an "American" (wood framed) home. I have some European friends that laugh at our wooden houses here in the USA smile

Tom T.
Guilford, CT smile