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Question on a roll off observatory (hopefully)

Started by Astrovale, 02/13/2004 03:35PM
Posted 02/13/2004 03:35PM Opening Post
Hello everybody,

My ideas are still not very clear, but I'm getting there. I would appreciate some advice if anyone is willing to share some knowledge.
My first concern is with the height of the perimeter walls. Should I take into account that I will need a variable height pier? How high should the walls be to keep some light and some wind out, but to allow me to observe and image without having to climb on a ladder because the pier is too high? Would an 8x7 feet structure be comfortable for one person with an 11" SCT and a 4" refractor (SCT on pier, Tak on tripod) and all the equipment?

Hope someone will have the time and decide to take some to answer some of these questions, if not all.

Thank you all.

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Posted 02/14/2004 04:33AM #1
Most of the "roll-off" observatories roll of the roof. there is no reason why the roll-off couldn't include a couple of feet of wal as well; if I go this way, that's what I'll do. And 8x7 is going to be VERY tight for yoour proposed rig.