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Re: Fire Hazard From Plastic Domes?

Started by Needtoys, 06/19/2006 01:37AM
Posted 06/19/2006 01:37AM Opening Post
If I had a fire that was threatening my observatory it would be the last thing I would worry about.

Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
Posted 06/19/2006 06:38PM | Edited 06/19/2006 06:39PM #1
Hi Herbert! Don't go anywhere we need ya! I am not really a plastic dome guy. I DO like them though. If I hadn't made my own I would be waiting on the delivery truck right now! You got everyone thinking and talking and that's what these forums are for so thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Posted 06/19/2006 07:42PM #2
To late Herb! We've got your location and the mother ship has begun to launch. The best you can do is just stand up and take it cus they will find you anyway. And when they do you'll drawn up to mother and given the real story.
Magic Man
One of the first Plastic Dome Heads.
Posted 06/19/2006 10:07PM #3
I am not a 'Plastic Dome' person.
My old personal observatory for 4 years was a NASA built rolloff in Fort Myers 25 years ago. It was a 12x12x7 (30" side split) rolloff made of steel located in the middle of a 90 acre 8' barb wire tipped fenced field. It survived cows and a few light hurricanes. Once development started in the area, we had to move it and the site choosen was too isolated and it was abandoned. I really miss it, it was so nice to be ready to go in 30 seconds and its roof was a great meteor observing spot. Back then I had 6.5 to 7.0 skies at the site, in 10 years that went to about 3.0!

(The Calusa Nature Center Planetarium has the 12" f5 fork mounted scope that was originally located in it in their lobby.)

Info on NASA/Bendix Site

Joe and I used to work together at the planetarium, I am used to his humor and point of view. You just left yourself too wide open. smile

BTW, you can actually see the helicopters? 8)