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Re: plastic/ vinyl storage shed used as scope shel

Started by vladimir, 03/22/2004 01:30AM
Posted 03/22/2004 01:30AM Opening Post
I have a roll-off roof and a Pro-Dome. The roll-off is wood and it does get moist during winter. I just leave on a Delonghi heater during winter and it works fine. Keeps the computers warmed up.

Not sure how to get rid of moisture in the summer time as our humidity in the summer runs in the teens so it hasn't been an issue.

In the dome humidity hasn't been an issue. It's in an off-grid location so electric heaters are out of the question. Not sure why the dome has less of a humidity issue since it is in a more humid environment (a mountain meadow). Maybe its the fiberglass and better seal.

Hope this helps.

Posted 03/24/2004 05:37PM #1
I store my scopes in my (attached) garage, which is vented to my furnace and air conditioner. Even so, I use a dehumidifer in the garage during the summer because I'm frequently opening the garage door. Once the temperature gets below 65, the cooling coils on the dehumidifer will begin to freeze up.