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Re: Questions from a beginner

Started by Needtoys, 12/13/2006 01:53PM
Posted 12/13/2006 01:53PM | Edited 12/13/2006 01:54PM Opening Post
Hi Jim,
Like you, I was sick of constantly setting up and tearing down. With an observatory you'll get a lot more use of the LX.
As for which is better, roll off roof or dome, that's your preference. A roll off may be easier to build but I feel a dome offers more protection from the wind and looks unique. Check out my link to my dome construction site. I built a 8' and I find I have room for 3 comfortably, which I rarely have.
No matter which design you go with you do not want to heat the observing room. If you require heat, you should build a separate warm room.
As for security, I live in a good neighborhood but I do have a dead bolt on the door and a ADT motion detector inside.
I only remove the optical tubes when going away on trips or vacation for a period of time.
The winter was a good time for me to plan. I'm not really into snow. I was able to construct my entire dome in my basement. It made a nice winter project and I had a lot of fun doing it. 8)

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