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Re: Questions from a beginner

Started by Alex McConahay, 12/13/2006 11:17PM
Posted 12/13/2006 11:17PM Opening Post
>> I primarily search for DSO's and look at the planetary objects

For solar system objects, being in town does not hurt, so if by "planetary" objects, you mean planets, then build a home observatory. As for "deep space" then dark matters. You can observe them, but they aren'yt easily observed or pretty.

>>Would this just be an adjustment in viewing habits? What would you do

depends on how valuable the space observatory is a good place to store your astronomy gear between monthly dashes to dark sky site. And it is a very good place for practicing and testing.

>>dome or slide-off?

Check local building codes and CCR's. Domes may not be allowed.
Roll-offs are cheaper, I think.
I have been told roll-offs do not suffer from seeing problems as much as domes--with only one opening to let hot air out.
Roll offs look like garden sheds--Domes look like they have expensive equipment in them....
Domes look cool!

>>heating the observatory

It would seem that this is not a wise idea considering seeing problems. However, I will leave that to people who have used heaters when observing...I never have.


probably depends on the neighborhood. If you have to worry about it (after standard locks and stuff), well, maybe its time to move!!!