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Re: Questions from a beginner

Started by fugardi, 12/14/2006 03:17AM
Posted 12/14/2006 03:17AM | Edited 12/14/2006 05:43AM Opening Post
1) Try setting up your scope in the place you potentially plan to build your observatory. If the views aren't up to your standards, then don't bother. You are lucky to have a nice dark site nearby
2) From my own dome experience, I would go with a roll off shed for better seeing. I think my problem is my concrete pad (which I will re-insulate & add a false floor to isolate). A wood floor would have been better
3) Heaters are evil and will ruin the seeing. For electricity, I use several extension cords rolled up in a hose coiler.
4) Security-wise I use multiple door locks, chains with masterlocks, and inside hooks. All my valuables are kept in the garage (computers, eypieces, etc) until the time I go out.

Another consideration is the view of the sky. By fixing your telescope, you may be limited to certain views. In my case, catching Venus/Mercury not in trees is rare. Even last weekend, the sun was in the trees at midday. The main reason I built my observatory was my back. Lugging out my C11 each time was an adventure. I went with a dome since I found one used at a good price.

Hope this helps. Good luck!