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Scope is in DA HOUSE!

Started by IGastaldo, 09/17/2007 04:35PM
Posted 09/17/2007 04:35PM | Edited 09/17/2007 04:36PM Opening Post
Finally, after much delay due to real-life situations, I got to mount my scope in the newly built "backyard observatory"...

There are still some minor details to be worked out, but I'm glad this part of the project is over... wink

Looking forward to many nights of enjoyment... (once the "wet season" is over!) 8)

Clear skies!

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Ivan Gastaldo 8)
Coconut Creek, FL

Ivan's Observatory
Lat 26N 16' 48" Long 80W 10' 48"
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Posted 09/17/2007 04:59PM #1
Over! It is never over! wink

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Posted 09/18/2007 07:11AM #2
Congratulations on the new addition. Nice job! Hopefully I'll be down there full time soon myself (recently bought a home in Citrus Springs - left coast 90 miles north of Tampa - nice dark skies - about 40 miles from Chiefland)and have about 2 years more to go, before we can retire. I noticed you have the fan. It was 93 deg. when we were down over Labor Day weekend. That's HOT.
Meanwhile I'm lugging the Meade 12" all over NJ, in search of at least a grey sky. We currently have orange skies near the house and you can read your watch at midnight. Good luck. By the way....just when is it that the rainy season stops down there?
Posted 09/19/2007 10:39AM #3
I leave for a few days and look what happens! 8O
Great Job Ivan!!
Looks very nice!

Please visit my Observatory Construction pics at:
And check out this place too!

Posted 09/23/2007 05:03AM #4
Ivan, congradulations on finally completing your new observatory! Now its time to enjoy it. Thanks for posting your progress. Hope your skies clear soon! Don't expect to get any sleep your first night out. smile