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Third Story observatory

Started by astroguy, 06/20/2002 09:10PM
Posted 06/20/2002 09:10PM Opening Post
The motor is finally installed and we are testing it out before the building is completely wired

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Posted 06/20/2002 09:28PM #1
The rood is about 2,500 lbs and a 1/2 horsepower motor opens it up
The roof takes 55 seconds to move 14 feet

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Posted 06/22/2002 05:38PM #2
I have a dumb question which I can't tell from the images. What is the rest of the building on the bottom? Is that whole big building the observatory (control room, etc) or is this thing setting ontop of your house or garage?

Nice job though!

Posted 06/23/2002 07:40PM #3
Hey Astroguy,
Can we come over and play when she is done? We will bring all our favorite toys.
~~ Sonya~~
Posted 08/30/2002 03:22PM #4

Thanks for your posts re: third story obsevatory... I'm considering builda two story roll top roof ... roof could be removed and converted to a traditional roof if I ever deside to move and can't find an astro nut who wants a clear view.

Roof would be 20x 30 and move 20 feet to accomodate a large dobsonian.

My question, building codes were there any to follow for your construction? How did you handle building inspectors etc.,?

Any info from anyone whould be very helpful,