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trying to post my dome for sale- How do you uploa

Started by, 05/09/2012 06:30AM
Posted 05/09/2012 06:30AM Opening Post
I'm trying to post an add here (for my $12 plus $10) and cannot for the life of me figure out how to post images w/ my classifieds. Anyone up to a solution on this one? I've searched the archives too.

My add:

B]Astronomy package- Scope, Dome, CCD +more - $4500 OBO (Hartland, MI[/B]

I am willing to meet partway. Have Trailer & large Tahoe. Could deliver if close enough!

LX200 12" F10 (Original/classic) w/ Doc G Dec Bearing Mod. (precision bearings inserted to replace Teflon/Nylon friction stuff)
Original Boxes. (very nice shape too)
8x50 finder scope. (stock)
Meade Super Wedge

Scope Accessories:
F6.3 Field flattener
JMI Moto Focuser (fine focus- a MUST for CCD work)
Meade Flip Mirror system
Attachment kit
Meade Diagonal
Meade 12mm Illuminated Reticle EP (great for polar alignments)
Electric Dew heater

EP list:
Celestron 18mm Ultima
Celestron 2x Barlow
TeleVue Plossel 21mm (loved it!)
Orion 12.5 plossel
Vixen 4mm
Orion Basic set of 4 color Filers
Skyglow 1.25 broadband filter
Meade 25mm stock.
Meade 12mm stock
Two misc. EP�s Low x factor. Used for flip Mirror alignments and quick glance stuff.

Starlite Xpress MX516 16bit B/W CCD system.
USB 1.1 kit.
1.25 or 2 adapter
STAR2000 (AutoGuider Assy)
3d dovetail CCD Counter weight system.
AstroArt CDROM w/ software for imaging.
Earth Centered Universe for Scope Control

Included -- Laptop w/ USB install & PixMX5 software (not much -- But it works for me)
Two RS232 cables 1 for scope automation w/ various software. 1 for STAR2000 autoguider
PCMCIA 5 port RS232 controller card. --To control numerous 232 ports used by the gear included here.
8" of printed material for all of the above equipment. Ex. Astrovid tutorials (learned so much from these) , Dog G articles. Setup docs. CCD how to's
640x480 Cam device (to observe the inside of the observatory (watch over the gear. Slot position etc.. (If doing remote control type of item )

Misc Accessories:
Two Aluminum carry cases.
One Eyepiece carry bag.
One Roller Bin assy w/ 4 drawers
Two Desiccant boxes (to remove moisture when boxing/storing items)

Boyd Observatory . Manual Dome rotates. Shutter w/ Pull cord. Very nice shape.

A VERY sturdy steel pier that Boyd Observatories was selling when I purchased the dome.
A custom plate for the Meade Supor Wedge.
Hollow to fill w/ Sand. (vibration dampner).
4 large mounting holes at bottom for posts.

Call Jeff or Christa @ 73FOUR 7five7-41eight5
send me a note or reply to me here hubble guy -at- yahoo (add the . com & @ sign. remove ALL spaces (you know the drill)
Help- I simply cannot figure out where to upload them. Reply to me as I have an email w/ all the images in there for now.

Posted 05/10/2012 02:08AM | Edited 05/10/2012 02:12AM #1
[QUOTE]Jeff Jarnot said:

I'm trying to post an add here (for my $12 plus $10) and cannot for the life of me figure out how to post images w/ my classifieds. Anyone up to a solution on this one? I've searched the archives too.

Hi Jeff,

The following has always worked for me but I've never done a pay-per-ad.

After filling in the Item Details screen, hit the continue button to reach the Photos screen, and use the Browse or Upload buttons to input the path to the JPEG image you want to upload. See attaced image.

Attached Image:

tbennett's attachment for post 144155
Posted 05/15/2012 08:34AM #2
Once you do figure out the picture process and you are ready to post the ad you will need to remove both your phone # and the outside email address otherwise your ad will not stay up will be deleted. You may want to read the TOS.

20" MidnighTelescopes f/5
8" f/16 Muffoletto Achro
Meade 6" AR6 f/8.0 Achro
Celestron C11
Parallax PI250 10" F/5 Newt
Vixen FL102S,NA140SS,R200SS
80mm Stellarvue Nighthawk with WO APOupgrade lens, 90mm f/16.67 Parallax Achro
LXD75/LX200, Mini-tower, GP-DX, CG5 ASGT, LXD650, GM-8, G11, GM-100, GM-150EX, GM-200 and a Gemini G40
4" portable AP convertable 44" or 70" pier
Stellarvue M7 Alt-Az, TSL7 Pier/Tripod
12.5" f/5 MidnighTelescopes DOB Swayze optics
Monroe GA