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Case for IT M809

Started by bellabev, 03/24/2010 09:33AM
Posted 03/24/2010 09:33AM Opening Post
Hi to all;
I recently got my Intes Micro M809 Mak Cass. What a wonderful scope and I would not review it here except to say if one wnated a superb scope ....this is the one.
That being said now I had to find a suitable case for the scope. Scopeguard makes good cases but are heavy and very my view only overbuilt. So I searched around and found a company called ..Case Technologies.
They are on the internet and make lightweight as well as ATA cases for transport. I purchased from them and could not have been more pleased...strong case ..the same interior cushioniog as Scopeguard..same locks and handles..much lighter and half the cost.
Check it out for yourself...nice people..easy to work with.

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Posted 03/24/2010 10:17AM #1
I used a few of their cases on my Celestron stuff. Long gone, but decent and reasonable.

On the Intes 10/10 Maksutov it's way too big for most cases, so I'm modifying the crate; ordinary wood outside, plush blue velvet inside.

Expanding foam is great stuff.
Yep thar's a pun,
Posted 11/24/2014 02:55PM | Edited 11/24/2014 04:15PM #2

Just made a super sturdy mobile case for my M809 with parts from a big box store and a pack and ship store.

I bought a Stanley 24 gallon "ProMoblle JobChest". This mobile tool box has a 24" inside length which is perfect for the 23" long M809 tube. This tool case has two wheels and a pull handle which makes transport easy. This item was designed to carry construction equipment, so it is plenty to carry astronomy gear. The Stanley mobile tool case is easily strong enough to be a seat for a >200 lb person.

Got a piece of 2" thick x 24" x 5 feet black packing foam from a pack and ship store. The 2" foam snuggly fits the scope tube into the tool case with no rattles. The cost for the case and foam as about $100.