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Casual Mak for moon

Started by Tico, 12/15/2015 10:08AM
Posted 12/15/2015 10:08AM Opening Post
I like know your opinion on a small maksutov for casual moon visual treat..maybe Jupiter and Saturn, a mak 90 or 102 ? I think tha the 127 is too much big and no grab and go telescope...
Posted 12/16/2015 05:04AM #1
I like my Orion 102mm Maksutov for just that.
Posted 12/21/2015 05:49PM #2
I picked up a Celestron 4" NexStar (102mm F/10) and it is a little travel Mak. I think it was around $200 new. In fact, it seems to be a good planetary ota in general as well as lunar scope.
Posted 12/22/2015 03:33PM #3
Hi Paul,

It's not a Mak but I've got an old white-tube Celestron 5+ OTA with excellent optics and is very portable. The C5+ OTA only weighs about 6 pounds compared to 8.6 pounds for a 127mm Mak and is also smaller in size.
Posted 12/22/2015 05:21PM #4
I have the 127 Orion and it's superb. I carry it around in a duffle bag for travel. It is for sure an easy grab n go.
Used go for low $300s OTA.
I think the Celestron is same tube.