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Intes 603 Collimation

Started by proteus, 08/22/2007 08:23AM
Posted 08/22/2007 08:23AM Opening Post
The Intes 603 has a primary mirror and secondary mirror collimation adjustment. To keep this short the primary mirror adjustment was changed. Also, the secondary mirror was also moved from perfect alignment.

So we're starting over. I'm new to this scope and know how to adjust the secondary, but am uncertain how to get the primary mirror set.

I assume you laser collimate the secondary first, then set the primary to that.

What do you informed folks say? Thanks, Joe
Posted 08/22/2007 03:11PM #1
My understanding is that you have to collimate the primary first. I just got the 703D and made the big mistake of having the vendor replace the collimation screws with Bob's knobs. As a result, the scope was way out of collimation when I got it. AFter much screwing around with it, I decided to send it for professional help. These are not easy scopes to collimate but my understanding is that once collimated, they hold it very well.