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Intes Micro

Started by NebSteve, 07/09/2012 07:42AM
Posted 07/09/2012 07:42AM | Edited 07/09/2012 07:44AM Opening Post
Hi All,
For the past two years I've been the proud owner of a ten inch Maksutov. It's an Intes Micro M1010 Delux with a fused quartz mirror and LK7 meniscus. As far as I know LK7 glass is simply Russian BK7. Suffice to say expensive, over an inch thick, and as most correctors are; matched to the mirror.

I'm the third owner of this OTA, and bought it knowing there was a chip on the side of the meniscus. Hence the former owner gave me a hefty discount. The chip has never interfered with optical performance. I must say this scope has stood up and delivered arguably better planetary views next to competitors who know how. I've never had the chance to do a ten inch MAK shoot-out with an AP 10", but that would be a delight even to come in second.

Trouble in paradise... Just before the Grand Canyon Star Party, I noticed a second chip in the meniscus. Again no harm to optical performance. However there is some cause for concern. I removed the front ring to take a better look at this problem, and saw that both chips were stress related. They occur right under the hold-down screw; which acts as a small clamp. There are two chips now, none under the third hold-down screw. No more star parties for a while.

I'm no stranger to taking appart an instrument and experimenting. Next weekend I'll do some careful measurements and start building a carbon fiber cell, able to support the meniscus evenly around its circumfrence. At this point I can't see how to do that without increasing the distance between mirror and corrector. It already has very little back-focus. So a new tube is also in the works.

I'll keep you posted, but if anyone's been down this road before, don't hesitate to chime in.
Posted 07/09/2012 08:54AM #1

I have what sounds like the same optical set (mine is 10" f/12.5) set in an OTA made by Matthias Wirth who works with Markus Ludes in Germany. They are still manufacturing and selling the 10" Mak-Cass from APM. I'm pretty happy with the tube mechanicals; happy to send pictures or other details offline. So one option for you might be to ship the optics to APM and have them build an OTA for them.

Best of luck,