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Intes Micro MK-65

Started by lsaravia, 07/30/2012 09:56AM
Posted 07/30/2012 09:56AM | Edited 08/15/2012 03:10PM Opening Post
Does anyone know the thread size on the rear cell?
Want to have an adapter to SCT threads.
Scope is outstanding! but the diagonal is really crap..
Would like to have a Crayford focuser adapted to it.
Called a few vendors, but they can't help.
Heck, I've replied to some OLD adds here with no luck.
Posted 08/15/2012 09:56AM #1
Try contacting MoonLite Telescope Accessories And Anodizing(570)437-2232) or at
Ronald Newman at MoonLite truly bent over backward in trying to fit my Intes MK65 (not the Intes Micro)with one of his SUPER nice focusers. After numerous attempts with emails, drawings and diagrams, custom made spacers and plates,I came to the horrible conclusion that my particular scope's tube was built just a little too long, and that the only focuser that would work was the original Intes helical focuser, and one made by the retailer that originally imported the Intes scopes(whom I contacted but they could offer no help.)
Hopefully, your MK65 Micro will not have the same "deformity" that my Intes MK65 has.
Good luck!
Patrick Dunavan
Posted 08/16/2012 08:47AM #2

The rear cells on these scopes probably has a metric thread. To order an adapter, you will need two numbers, 1) the outer diameter of the threads, and 2) the thread pitch in threads per millimeter. Any decent machine shop can measure this for you.

Or you can measure it yourself using a caliper and metric thread gauge (you can buy these tools for less than $50). Once you have these numbers, it's a simple matter to order the adapter base for the focuser from Precise Parts, Starlight Instruments. Or Moonlight.

Jim McSheehy