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INTES MK66 deluxe ota

Started by Emanuel, 09/03/2005 06:47AM
Posted 09/03/2005 06:47AM Opening Post
Hello people, i need help! I bought recently a mak scope and i`m having some dificulties on choosing the right eyepieces for it! My main interest is the planets but, i also like other objects like nebulas, galaxies,etc! I know that the long focus of this mak is not the apropriate for the galaxies kind of objects but,my finances wont alow me to have more than one scope ( infortunally )! So what should i by? Thanks! Emanuel

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Posted 09/03/2005 06:36PM #1
Hi Emanuel, Congrats on the new scope purchase! Best bang for the buck with your scope would be the University Optics Ortho eyepieces. They are a very good eyepiece, reasonably priced new, and at times see them pop up on astromart by sellers. In fact, thought I seen a few today on there. Eyepieces within the 7mm-18mm would be good for planetary use, but remember too, due to the longer focal length of your Mak, that a nice low power eyepiece will also be a good thing to have for scanning the heavens, finding objects easier, and for also attaining the widest permittable field of view with your scope, so that you can enjoy still seeing many nice galaxies, and open star clusters. The UO Orthos are available to 25mm, and the widest attainable true field of view in an 1-1/4" eyepiece will be at about 32-35mm. Hope this helps, and best of luck, and enjoyment with the new scope! Mark D.
Posted 09/04/2005 06:10AM #2
Hi Emanuel. You have a great portable scope. Like you my primary interest is planets. I have an Intes Micro M615. Similar to yours with a longer focal length. I have an assortment of orthos, naglers, radians, and other eyepieces but find I need just 2. I use a Nikon zoom 7-21mm (very sharp and parafocal as you zoom) and a Panoptic 24. The eyepices alone give me mags of 94 (Pan) and 107-321 (Nikon). Whats really neat is I also have a Denkmeier Power switch diagonl that provides a 2x barlow and and a .6 reducer. This effectively simlates having a 40, 24 and 12 panoptic. With the zoom I have a magnification range of 64-642! I could actually do fine with the Nikon alone, but the panoptic is just the most perfect eyepice for me due to the the increased field of view and eye relief. Ramon
Posted 09/17/2005 07:09PM #3
Well guys, it looks like i still need help!!!This time is regarding the Mak: i`ve start watching whith it and i`ve noticed that, problably due to transportation, it`s out of colimation! I was observing Venus with a 20mm plossl eyepiece and the image was showing that very obviously! The problem is that it`s my first Mak and i`ve never colimate a mak! I use to have a 6" newton( wich i sold to a friend of mine) and from time to time i was doing colimation to the scope, but how do i colimate the mak? The same way? Does anyone have a pdf file with the steeps for doing that so i can print them? One of the gaps of the scope was that it didn`t came with any manual or papers!!!!Thanks guys,Emanuel