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Intes MK66 DX with GM8 Mount

Started by CarlWilson, 06/28/2005 04:25PM
Posted 06/28/2005 04:25PM Opening Post
I'm thinking about selling my Intes MK66 DX with a Losmandy GM8 mount w/ polar scope . Both the scope and the mount are in very good, almost new condition.

What do you think would be a good asking price?
Posted 06/29/2005 09:02PM #1
I have seen GM8s used and in excellent condition go for $1100-1300. The standard quality 150mm Maks usually go for $550-650 or so used, depending on the condition. Deluxe versions for maybe $100 more. If you have a certification of the optical quality of the scope you should put this info. in any ad you place to sell it (Especially if the numbers are very good). Keep checking the ads to get an idea of what these items are going for these days. Good luck.