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Looking for info on Atomic Labs Mak..Anyone?

Started by wayv, 12/10/2004 10:47PM
Posted 12/10/2004 10:47PM Opening Post
I have obtained a VERY old Maksutov with NO defining information on the scope as to focal length/"f"#, diameter, etc. It looks to be a 5"(about 127mm) mirror. The tube is 6&1/8"(154mm) outside diameter. The TUBE is 324mm(12 & 3/4") long. The diagonal attaches w/ a set screw, and takes 1.25" eyepieces. The base is a single-arm type(with a variable-speed motor in the base) alt-az mount.
The only info on the unit is ATOMIC LABORATORIES INC, Subsidiary of CENCO instruments corp. Catalog # 87716, volt 110ac, 50-60 cycle. I would like to find out the focal length, actual diameter, and f-ratio. The scope gives very good views, although not very wide field. Thanks for any help. Walter.
Posted 12/11/2004 01:30AM #1
Does it look something like this?

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