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m715 first light

Started by cysmarc, 02/25/2008 11:30AM
Posted 02/25/2008 11:30AM Opening Post
This was only a short observation but here it is!!
I finally was able to use my scope under the sky. My first target was Saturn. I thought it looked great in my ed 100 but this was at 216x (12.5 U.O. ortho volcano)WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!
There it just floating there with the ring going across the planet so extremely sharp that it was amazing. There was a band that I'm not sure if it's a band or the shadow of the ring. It was always there in the ed 100 but it was painted on in this scope.
Quickly to a star which showed a nice star test but somthing I'm no expert on.
Seeing was crummy crummy. A fuzzy layer of clouds coming and going and a neighbors bright bright bright back yard light to boot.
Thanx Mark from TETON

Posted 02/25/2008 01:21PM | Edited 02/25/2008 01:21PM #1
Thanks! Keep the reports coming.... Does TETON
supply optical test results with these? Just curious.
Posted 03/18/2008 11:22AM #2
The 715 is up for sale!? What happened? Everything OK?

Having a big time on a small scale grin