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Mak Astrographs

Started by Palomino, 06/05/2005 02:51PM
Posted 06/05/2005 02:51PM Opening Post
I saw this last week that ITE is offering Mak newt Astrographs at a Focal Ratio of F4 for imaging. My question is what is the advantage of a Mak Newt Astrograph over a newtonian with a coma correcter of the same size and focal lenght. Keep in mind this is for CCD imaging purposes only.

Thanks for any opinions...

Mike Krivsky
Posted 06/06/2005 08:13AM #1
Hi Mike

here a describtion how we sell this new Astrograph:
Alter MN74, 7” (F/4) CCD/Photo Maksutov Newton, , optical tube, large 50 mm finderbracket for Japanese finders, piggy back cameramount, 12 Volt cooling fan at side of tube with APM Poti speedcontroller, tube-rotating-ring with flat mountingplate, Moonlight CR1 single rate focuser ( Moonlight CR2 dual rate focuser cost € 100 extra), adapter 2”/1.25”, Zygo Testreport, wooden transporting boxTechn. Infos:- photografic diameter of image cricle at focuse 41 mm- spotdiameter on axis : 8.76 micrometer- spotdiameter at edge of image cricle at focuse : 49.60 micrometer

as you see, it have a 41 mm image circle, no available comacorrector is doing this large field


clear skies

Markus Ludes