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Mak Newt Question

Started by bmcfarland, 02/01/2007 10:41AM
Posted 02/01/2007 10:41AM Opening Post
Greetings A-Marters,

I have a question for you thermal experts out there: I'm finishing up a 7.1" F6 homemade Mak Newt (Russian optics), using a 9" OD rolled aluminum tube. The corrector cell end of the scope is not ventilated, but the primary mirror end is open to the air (no fan). Should I line the inside of the tube with anything like cork, flocking, etc.?

Thanks very much,

Posted 02/01/2007 05:06PM #1
To my thinking, the ideal situation would be
to insulate the tube (cork, etc.) against
body heat. But you will also need to
use a fan to cool the scope then -- drawing
air through the tube - opening at one end
and fan at the other.

If you insulate and have no fan. it will just
extend the cooldown time.

I have tested a 6" Russian Mak-Newt (no
insulation) on an optical bench, and I
can see thermal aberrations from my
standing next to it looking in the eyepiece.
And thats at room temperature.