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MN56 and Astrophotography

Started by ewiley, 05/15/2005 10:38AM
Posted 05/15/2005 10:38AM Opening Post
I was wondering if anyone had experience with using the Intes MN56 for deek sky astrophotography. I have read some reviews that indicate that these scopes have issues with bringing the camera into focus. Candidate cameras are Canon 300D and Meade DSI. I am thinking about buying a MN56 to fit on my G8. Thanks. Ed
Posted 05/15/2005 06:10PM #1
Hi Ed,

From the research Ive done you can usually get the camera itself to focus fine the problem arises when you start adding electronic focusers and color filter wheels. Also, with the large chip of the 300D the small secondary size of the mak will usually not fully illuminate the field size of the chip although you can use flats to help counteract this. Maybe someone with more experience will be able to tell you exactly what will work forsure.

Posted 05/15/2005 07:38PM #2
Hi Ed,
I've not used the scope for prime focus photography but have read about the problems that you and Mike have mentioned. makes a pricey focuser that is 1/2" shorter than the stock focuser and should solve the problem of lack of in travel. I've also read about someone replacing the secondary with a larger one but that seems to be defeating the main advantage of the mak-newt.

Mirage 7

STF Mirage 7
Posted 05/16/2005 07:19PM #3
Thanks Mike and Andrew. I am still trying to gather information, but I think that both of you are correct. Since I am looking for an "all around" scope, I am having doubts that a mak-newt is the scope for me. Ed
Posted 06/23/2005 01:33PM #4
I used the MN56 last night to image with a SAC7b... no problem attaining focus. Didn't notice any drop off in illumination. Haven't processed the images totally, but scanning them early this a.m. didn't show anything out of the ordinary.

I could try to fit my OM-1 on with a t-adapter to see if a "regular" camera attains focus and let you know.

Luis Egruen
Montreal RASC Canada