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Started by Midnight Sun, 01/30/2006 02:06PM
Posted 01/30/2006 02:06PM Opening Post
I just put in an order (and deposit) for an MN66. Going through Stellar Optical in Van BC. Mr. Brian Morse. Have heard good reviews, any owners out here who can give some feedback? thanks X-SCT fan.. JM

Posted 01/31/2006 06:38AM #1
If you love a nice wide flat field that has the contrast of a fine apo refractor, you are going to love the MN66. I have to say that the MN66 is one of two telescopes that I have owned and regret selling, the other one being an AP 130 f/8.35.

The only downsides to the MN66, IMO, are the stock focuser and the size/weight of the scope, which requires a bit of a beefy mount, IMO. I would suggest that you think seriously about replacing the focuser with one of the Moonlight Crayfords, since they make a drop in replacement for the MN66.

What mount to you plan on using for it? I used to use mine on an Orion Atlas, which I liked quite a bit, and then switched to a Losmandy G11, which handled the weight a little better once I added the incredibly heavy Parallax rotating rings. The rotating rings added about 10# to the overall weight. I mainly changed to the G11 for the slip clutches, but if the Atlas goto had been available, I would have used that.

BTW, in some forums you will read posts that make it sound like the Maknewts are tricky to collimate, but I found that it collimated just the same as any Newtonian, and held collimation better.

Midway, FL