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MN66 mount requirements?

Started by cdculbertson, 08/03/2003 03:52PM
Posted 08/03/2003 03:52PM Opening Post
Does anyone know whether or not the Orion Sky View Pro mount is capable of handling the Intes Micro MN66? I have only seen this mount once, and it had the 8" Newtonian OTA on it. Seemed like a solid performer, and much more stable than the CG5, thanks to the tubular steel legs. Just curious...

Midway, FL
Posted 08/04/2003 06:30AM #1
I can help here it will at a pinch ie the mount is rated to 20 pound but the mn66 would be near the upper limit at 15 pound. I would recommend a lightweight finder.

While I save my pennies for a g-8 mount I will be putting a mk715 on the same mount until i can afford the G-8.

The skyview is shown in sky and tel with a 6 inch f-8 newt which weighs 15 pound the same as the mn66.

The skyview is an improved version of the older G-5

From mine i see better smoother gears and motors and a better tubular tripod than the last g-5 I owned some years ago.

It was a good mount for my mk67 i had at the time.

I see in sky and tel the periodic srror is a respectable 25 arc seconds mine is similar quite smooth overall I am satisfied but it will be taxed with the 15 plus pound mk715 ota.

A G-8 would be much stronger but 4 times the price.