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New Orion 7.1" Mak-Cass

Started by kmichaelm, 01/05/2007 10:58AM
Posted 01/05/2007 10:58AM Opening Post
Anyone see the new Orion 7.1" Mak-Cass that is on the 2nd page of the most recent US Orion catalog?

Posted 01/06/2007 08:06PM #1
smile I've seen it!! It's something I've always wanted!!! I've just bought an ORION Atlas 11 XLT SCT, though!! This is their C-11 OTA w/XLT coatings on a beefy Atlas German Equatorial Mount. ....a pretty neat scope I must say!!! So now, I can't afford one. So far, however, the C-11 is just fine for me. I used to own a 5" StarMax 127mm mak-cass and totally loved it!!!Then I drooled over the new SkyView Pro 150 6" mak-cass, but never got one! (Sold the 5" to help pay for the C-11 Atlas.) So it seems that now that the 7" mak-cass is out, I won't be seeing or getting one of those anytime soon! I'm kind of sure it'll be as great as the 5". I still haven't heard much on Orion's 6"(150mm) either! Any reports out there!!!
Posted 01/07/2007 05:46AM #2
This Mak is the Synta made maksutov Cassegrain and we sell it here in Germany already since a few monthes. It is the big brother of the smaller 150 mm Mak, same thing, just bigger

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 01/07/2007 12:10PM #3
How large is the central obstruction -- looks small in the
photos? Is there any method for cooling it quickly - fans
etc. - did not look like it.
Posted 01/11/2007 10:56AM #4
I do not wish to bad mouth Chinese over their quality control issues, they have both disappointed and also surprised us with their products.
That said I am curious on one issue regarding their 180 Orion Mak, unlike the Meade Mak which came with a huge obstruction this one comes with a very small spot secondary, mechanical issues aside, in the optical department, given the design, a Gregory variant, this particular Mak will require a good bit of aspherization to perform well on planets, that is my $1200 question, can Chinese really pull this one for the $$$ charged? This is not an easy task and I am not sure if machines can do it, let us hear about it.