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Orion 180mm Mak Cass

Started by youngb, 10/25/2007 06:48PM
Posted 10/25/2007 06:48PM Opening Post
Been looking for information and reviews on this scope and came up empty. I imagine it's another Synta product. Has anybody looked through one? If so, what were your impressions? Any links to reviews?

Was always kind of interested in the Meade 7" Mak. Heard they were very heavy for their size and hard to cool. The Orion Mak is supposed to weigh 16 lbs. That could work on a SVP or a CG5.

Having a big time on a small scale grin
Posted 12/13/2007 12:55AM #1

I purchased an Orion 7.1" Mak-Cass back in May. I am very pleased with this scope. I am using Suiter's book to try and determine its optical quality. This has been a time consuming undertaking. I am fairly sure it is between 1/4 and 1/6 wave. The Moon with the Burgess binoviewer is stunning. While I need to do further comparisons, the Orion beat a Meade 8" for contrast on the Moon. I posted some notes back in May on this scope. If you need more info -- please contact me. Be aware that the focal length is variable -- the effective focal length is more than f/20 with the binoviewers.


Bob O'Connell
Posted 03/20/2008 08:55PM #2
Hi guys,

Any more info on this 7" Mak from Orion? I am impressed by the 23% secondary obstruction and was thinking of getting this one for planetary and moon due to its long FL. How good is the optics for this scope for planetary work?