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Re: TEC 6"

Started by DrThud, 07/17/2003 05:49PM
Posted 07/17/2003 05:49PM Opening Post
I, myself, would not spend the extra $$ for quartz. (Incidentally, this would be a quartz *mirror* option -- not just a coating.) These are not large-aperture mirrors, so the thermal advantage of a six-inch quartz primary (over Pyrex) is minor. When ambient temperature is fairly stable (or not changing quickly), and the scope is at or near that ambient temperature, there will be no visible difference between views delivered by equivalently superb quartz-mirror and pyrex-mirror TEC 6s. And "equivalently superb" is exactly what TEC will deliver.

Others would gladly pay the extra $$ for the quartz option.

Don't hesitate to present any questions you have to the crew at TEC. Ed and Yuri are highly respected, honest, sincere, and personable.

Best wishes and luck, by the way. The TEC6 is a sweet scope, indeed. I've had the pleasure of looking through two of them. If I didn't already have an MK67, I'd probably have a TEC6. Perhaps I'll end up with a bigger TEC...

Posted 07/19/2003 04:45PM #1

I have to disagree. A quartz mirror dumps it heat much quickly than a Pyrex mirror ever well. If you can aford it the way to go would be Quartz mirror. Should you decide to sell your scope down the Road the Quartz mirror would be plus. I own an AP 10 inch Mak Cass and it has a Quartz Primary. I open the back of the scope to the surrounding air the the scope is ready to opserve in 10 min and I've never had to use the cooling fans at all.

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