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Reducer for mk-66 to get flat field on APS size ch

Started by robert garces, 06/23/2009 08:54PM
Posted 06/23/2009 08:54PM Opening Post
hello everyone... im hoping to find a reducer that will give a flat field on a APS size chip like the canon 300D, celestrons .63 or intes .6 does not, optecs .5 neither of course, any ideas if an AP reducer or an Alan Gee will do it ?

thanks, robert
Posted 07/14/2009 09:43AM #1
I used an Antares x.7 for visual work. It's OK. My thinking was use on with a longer focal length and just space it out to get the effect.

I wrote a few articles for the Meade 7" MAK and one covered increasing the TFOV. They're still posted in the Reviews section if you want a look see.

For imaging I don't know how well it would flatten the field.