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Removing the internal counterweight from a Meade M

Started by NebSteve, 06/05/2008 07:13PM
Posted 06/05/2008 07:13PM Opening Post
I posted the article for removing the counterweight from the Meade 7" MAK, if anyone is interested.

It was a very educational experience. The insides of the MAK are very SCT-ish. I do like the design of the locking brake. I found out it had been apart before, and a few baffles were scraped up. The OTA sat about four inches back on the IC-700 G-E mount when I was done. It had been sitting right on the back edge. It also improved the mount's ability to handle a piggyback. Not that a 60mm guidescope is really all that heavy.

More news on the cool-down time later. In my part of Arizona the days are 110 in summer and nights about 80, so taking the OTA out of the air conditioned house is more of a warm up period. Same effect.

Thanks again,
Posted 06/18/2008 08:47PM #1
New article:
The focal reducer experiment is now written up and can be found under articles / optics.
Posted 09/03/2008 05:56AM #2
Anyone know where this article is? I'm itching to get that counterweight outta there.