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The little scope that could...

Started by Ron777, 05/27/2006 10:17AM
Posted 05/27/2006 10:17AM Opening Post
Hey folks, just wanted to post this since it really amazed me...

Background: I bought a little ETX90ra used a couple years ago. I hate to say, but I've barely used it. I peeked a few times, played with it (it's so little and cool looking) but never took it seriously before. I've never cooled it properly, or even used it if the sky was good. I'd always grab a larger scope. Well last night I gave a real try for the first time, I cooled it very well and viewed Jupiter. This little dude did quite well! I was up over 200 power and getting a pretty good image for such a little obstructed scope. Jupiter looked just like this....
(now I want a 6 inch Mak!!!)

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Posted 06/21/2006 04:02PM #1
I love my little ETX-90"m", I have found that it loves high powers also, atmosphere allowing!

There's something on the Moon! 8O
Posted 09/10/2006 08:37PM | Edited 09/10/2006 08:38PM #2
Ron, I just saw this post and had to say something. I love the ETX90ra. I had one when they first came out and sold it before I learned how to use it properly. I picked another one up about four years ago and have enjoyed it as much as any scope I have ever owned. Believe it or not, using the Kochab technique for polar alignment, the setting circles are fabulous. I used the ETX for the last Messier Marathon just to see what it could do and found a commendable 100 objects. Would have found a few more if the clouds had cooperated. I use the ETX 10 times as often as my Celestron G9.25 just because I can grab it and be on the back porch in two minutes. The polar alignment takes litterally two minutes and I'm off to the races. I recently showed a buddy of mine how to use the same technique with his 70's vintage Questar and he was amazed. We compare views often between the two scopes and there is a slight advantage to the Q3.5. One of these days I'll get a Questar just for the sheer mechanical beauty of the thing, but until the kids get through school, the ETX90ra will more than do the job.
Clear and dark skies to all!

God Bless!

Celestron G9.25/CG5 w/wooden legs, ETX90RA - 2nd only to the Q3. Clear and dark skies to all.
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