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Using Focal Reducers on Maks?

Started by rocketsteve, 06/11/2008 07:27PM
Posted 06/11/2008 07:27PM Opening Post
I have an Orion StarMax 90 Mak-Cas (1250mm F.L.). I know you can use focal reducers on SCTs for astroimaging, but I haven't heard anything about people using reducers on maks, and I'm just wondering if it is possible. If not, what is the reason for why it won't work? Thanks for your help.
Posted 06/12/2008 07:22AM #1
Hi, I've done a lot with a focal reducer on the 7" MAK, but not a 90mm. However they do work. Your settup will be a little different as the 1.25" barrel size has some limits. It's a matter of how wide a TFOV you want, and what sacrifice in visual quality you're willing to put up with. You might have to go through some trial and error. I did and was able to sell all the leftover optics on Astromart with no problem. I ended up with a focal reducer built up like a Barlow that can be added or subtracted from the optical path without much trouble.