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AP900 Case, on the cheap!

Started by fblue, 02/16/2012 04:56PM
Posted 02/16/2012 04:56PM Opening Post
Well today I finish making a case for the AP900. I found this chest at Lowes, Contico Deluxe Chest, 23.5 gallons and $30.

I put in a custom padded interior using good foam, some high density close cell and some medium density open cell foam. Most pieces are covered in a carpet like material and then glued to the case. The bottom has 3" foam, covered with the carpet cloth, so that it is very cushioned from road vibrations. The divider and the two un covered charcoal color foam pieces that hold the DEC are all removeable, making it much easier to remove and put them in the case. Just need to put the three removeable pieces in after positioning the two mount halves. It hold them quite nicely and securely with no movement. The lid has cloth covered foam parts that compress when it is closed and hold the two parts while still giving cushioning as well as control over the parts so they can not try to shift.

I just did not have the $500 for a custom case and this one weighs under 50 lbs loaded with the mount. I can easily lift it into the storage bin in the motor home.

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Posted 02/16/2012 04:56PM #1
One more shot with it closed.

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Posted 02/20/2012 05:01PM #2
Looks good Floyd.

The only thing I would mention is to not let that RA motor box rub or hit the side wall of your case. Make sure the mount is padded firmly enough to not let it move at all towards the side wall of the case or you'll find yourself re-meshing that worm in the dark some night. :C
One of the more common complaints we get is when someone buys a mount used and they have a motor stall situation when they fire it up the first time. It's usually the results of improper packing from the seller and one of the motor boxes took a slight bump from the shipping company.

It's not a big deal to re-mesh (as you've found out) but if it can be prevented it's a good thing. grin


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Posted 02/20/2012 08:13PM #3
Hi Floyd,
I was just admiring your handy work. Nice job!

Yesterday I was showing off the pair of cases I made from two large "Gang-box" style tool boxes from Stanley tools. They're available at Home Depot, if anyone is interested. They're not as square as the box you have, and so take more foam carving. I used the white closed cell foam often used to crate up large medical equipment. Then covered it with black velvet, using the spray-on glue.

We just completed construction on the hospital project I've been involved with. watching the techs uncrate Bo-zillion dollar equipment was a learning experience and confirmed my plans to use methods quite like those you describe. One lesson learned was the velvet sheds! The other was from here on Astromart; use a pair of nylon straps to lift the OTA out of the foam.

The 10" MAK rides in one case and the G-11 mount & tripod ride in the other. I still have a Pelican case for the finder, EPs and filters. The case with the mount, tripod and counterweights tops out at about 100 pounds. Hence a ramp for the truck.