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CGE Pro Motors possible great news from Celestron.

Started by plewin, 12/04/2021 07:23PM
Posted 12/04/2021 07:23PM Opening Post
Hi CGE Pro owners

After a lot of back and forth with Celestron technical support including copying Celestron's CEO, on their unwise move to not only stop supporting their CGE-Pro mount but to make it virtually impossible to get parts to fix the known motor problem ourselves (Marketing wise a move akin to shooting themselves in the foot, because how can we trust Celestron equipment if they decide to no longer support it? Even Ford allows you to get parts for their Model T one hundred years later..).

Anyway after supplying Celestron with the Pittman/Ametek quotes. I got the following encouraging news from Chris Hendren, Technical Support Manager at Celestron:

"Hello Pablo,

This is Chris Hendren, Technical Support Manager at Celestron. We are currently reaching out to Pittman/Ametek to inquire about pricing and availability of the replacement motors for the CGE Pro mount. I will let you know when we have more information.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Celestron Technical Support

Ticket Details
Email ID: YSQ-704-38874
Department: Technical Support
Type: Task
Status: Open
Priority: Normal

Posted 01/12/2023 12:22AM #1

Thanks for your proactivity. Do you have any further updates from Celestron?

Best regards,
Posted 01/12/2023 06:58PM | Edited 01/12/2023 07:01PM #2
Usama yes I have an update I converted my CGEpro to the much much less expensive and way more reliable Onstep system and I'm happy to report that after a year of using it it works better than before for a fraction of the cost...the mount is more accurate and way more reliable than before..for more information go to

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Pablo Lewin
The Maury Lewin Astronomical Observatory
Glendora CA USA