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Help with mounting plate for sliding bar on Zeiss APQ scopes

Started by kcolter, 05/29/2019 09:46PM
Posted 05/29/2019 09:46PM Opening Post
I am trying to mount Zeiss APQ scopes in alt az mode on a DM-6 discmount.   I thought that the Astro-physics 10" Saddle Plate for Both D-Style and V-Style Bars (DOVEDV10) would do the job, but unfortunately this plate will not close to a small enough width to grab the sliding bar that comes with the Zeiss APQ scopes.   I am told that the Zeiss APQ sliding bar is an integral part of the scope in that it attaches to the internal baffles in the scope.  I have been reluctant to try putting a different plate or sliding bar on the APQ in order to attach to a mounting plate on the DM-6.   I would appreciate any advice about how to accomplish mounting these refractors in alt az mode.  Thanks.