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How to align polar scope in iOptron EQ30 Pro

Started by elliwyatt, 11/10/2020 01:23AM
Posted 11/10/2020 01:23AM Opening Post
I'm currently enjoying the use of an iOptron EQ30 Pro mount that I have on loan from my (very well equipped) astronomy club at work. I'm trying to figure out if I can make two adjustments to the polar scope:

  1. Eyepiece and reticle: The eyepiece is held in place by a couple of set screws but is otherwise free to rotate. Is there a good way to ensure that it is aligned correctly so that the reticle is oriented accurately? This is the kind of reticle that has radial and angular markings, which you use to get Polaris positioned correctly. I assume that I want 12:00 to be straight up, but I'm puzzled that there doesn't seem to be an accurate way to do this.
  2. [li]The eyepiece mounts in a collar at the bottom of the polar scope, and there's a bubble level on the collar. (This is where I might have expected to see that the eyepiece was keyed so that it could go in only one way, but not so.) To level the collar I release the RA clutch and rotate the upper mount until the bubble is centered.
    The thing is - the bubble level is offset from the DEC axis by around 25 - 30 degrees, so I have to tilt the scope and counterweights by that much to level the polar scope. This isn't a problem, but it seems weird. Why not have the polar scope aligned rotationally so that it's correctly leveled in the zero position of the mount? [/li]

And suggestions or advice will be appreciated.