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Improving an older Meade EQ mount?

Started by Marc-Andre, 08/01/2004 05:17PM
Posted 08/01/2004 05:17PM Opening Post
I have a 1980 circa Meade RG reflector on a 1-1/2" shaft mount. I am considering replacing the nylon bearing sleeves and upper nylon thrust disk with needle bearings. I would welcome any suggestions from anyone who has experience with this kind of improvement, and thoughts on whether this would be beneficial in reducing friction.

Marc Maurais
Posted 08/03/2004 10:44AM #1
I have one of the RG mounts and don't rally have any problems with the Dec axis. I have moved the stock RA gear to the Dec axis and installed a Beyers 8" gear. The scope is presently driven with steppers and the Tech-2000 DDR-II system. I plan to "Bartelize" it soon.

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