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Losmandy G-11 Equatorial Mount w/ Gemini 2 GoTo Sy

Started by cdub1955, 03/08/2014 09:54AM
Posted 03/08/2014 09:54AM Opening Post
How does the Losmandy G-11 stack up against a Celestron CGEM - DX, or CGE Pro? I am looking for a solid mount for the best value for ap work. I will be using smaller scopes AT6, or 80 mm refractor. I have an observatory, will not be portable.

any thoughts advice is appreciated on these mount choices.

Posted 03/09/2014 02:49PM #1
I only have a Gemini 1 with G-11, the other mounts I have used are not on your list. I am aware of a couple friends who use CGEMS. I have had very good success with the G11. I did change out the gearboxes and upgraded the worm gear, but that was done optionally and not by necessity. I have used a C14 and a TEC 140 on the G11 without issue. A nearby lightning strike did require me to replace an IC on the circuit board, but that was a rare occurrence. The CGEM is a decent unit, but in the one I see most often, it does require a little more attention to alignment than I am used to with the Losmandy. I doubt you'll go wrong with any of the mounts you mentioned, but I have really no complaints about my G11.

Posted 03/13/2014 06:22AM #2
I've been using a G11 with Gemini 1 for roughly 8 years. Last year I upgraded to the Gemini 2. I also have seen countless CGEM's and CGE's.
I think the quality of the Losmandy gear is somewhat superior to the Celestron stuff. Not sure about recent manufacture but the older CGE's tended to have substantial play in the gears that is not evident in the G11's.
Out of the box, my G11 purchased in 2006 had a PE of around 14 arc seconds as measured by Pempro. Most errors were easily guided out but there was the occasional spurrious error that caused a random severe correction.
I upgraded in 2009 to the Ovision worm. The PE is now 2 arc seconds or leass peak to peak. I tested it last year in August and it still shows excellent performance.
The new Gemini 2 seems to be fairly easy to understand. The compatiblity with software seems to be OK now and the bugs are pretty much gone from what I've seen.
I run a C 9.25 on it with separate CFW, Optec focuser, and Pyxis Rotator on it. I have it on a side by side mount with a Short Tube 80 from Stellarvue.
G11 has no problem tracking or guiding.
I would recommend disassembling the mount and regreasing with Superlube if you can find it. I recently repacked the roller and thrust bearings and the performance seems even better than before.

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